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pasfoto Let me introduce myself. My name is Nelly Huijts-van der Wielen. In 2000 I've started my own language institute: Maître Jean. Maître because I am a teacher, Jean as a homage to my French-speaking mother Marie-Jeanne. I was raised bilingually, so I speak both Dutch and French fluently. After finishing secondary school, I studied French linguistics and literature in Utrecht, with the subsidiary subjects Spanish, English and didactics. After graduating I started as a teacher in secondary education, but I soon entered adult education. In Eindhoven, where I lived at that time, I gave lessons at Philips and DAF, among others. After my marriage I stopped working to take care of my children. Since 1999 I'm active in adult education again. First as teacher French and Dutch at two well-known language institutes, since 2000 at my own language institute.

Since 2012 I am collaborating with the institute of my daughter: Language institute Lisanne Huijts. Since October 2014 our group has been extended with three additional teachers for Dutch, French and Spanish and we have opened a second classroom at address Paardeweide 5 in Breda.

What can I offer you?

I personally give French and Dutch lessons, but you can also register for a Dutch, French or Spanish course from one of the other teachers in our group. For every applicant, we will find which teacher is the best match.

If you want to know more about the Dutch courses, click on the desired title on the left. More information about the French and Spanish courses can only be found at the Dutch version of this website.

Application procedure

If you are interested in one of the courses, you can send an e-mail for further information. If you subsequently decide to follow a course, we will make an appointment for an introductory meeting in which the further course of action is discussed.

You can start a course throughout the year. The lessons are individual, unless you subscribe as a group or if a groupe can be formed at the moment of your subscription.

See the "contact me" page for the phone number, e-mail address and postal address.
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